Sunday, October 3, 2010


Vermont is spectacular! We visited everything from the Rock of Ages granite quarry, the resort town of Stowe for lunch at the Von Trapp Family Lodge (delicious I might add) to a gondola ride up the mountain during peak color....Emily's covered bridge was our photo op enroute to Lake Morey and our Inn for the night. The height of our coach is 12'4" and the bridge clearance is 8'6" but our crazy group tried to convince Jim that if he got a running start we could be the FIRST and LAST coach to cross the bridge! I am so glad HE is driving and NOT them.

Another beautiful sunny day in New England. This group even asked our local guide if Jim could put the Packer game on the radio for the last 2 minutes...unreal! They won out...only Packer Fans!!

Well, I am going to turn in early (9:30p) because a group of us are meeting in the lobby at 5:00a to enjoy a 5 mile walk around the lake before breakfast and departure. It helps ease the pain of all the food we've been eating...and interesting and informative day - a successful day!



Everyone that knows me, knows that Fall is my favorite time of year - (to travel). And the New England states are my favorite place to do that! With the crisp air you can alomost "smell" autumn and you can most definitely "see" mother nature at work. Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day. We woke to the sun shining brightly and a local guide whose knowledge of Vermont is endless. We visited the Morgan Horse Farm (UVM / University of Vermont Middlebury), Shelburne Vineyards (and yes, Bonnie Heili controlled herself with only 2 cases of wine, not nearly breaking her record of 13), a cruise aboard the Ethan Allen on Lake Champlain, (and NO Champ was not spotted), and a very expensive stop for the women at Dan Forth Pewter...even I did more damage than planned. We ended our full day with a delicious meal at the Countryman's Pleasure where the sauerbraaten was deemed the favorite.

Looking forward to heading north and into Stowe today with lots planned and our weather looks like it will cooperate.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


WOW, the last couple of days we have kept busy with getting acquainted (almost too much) and exploring the roads of New York. Corning Glass Museum was a wonderful stop and lots of purchases...but that's not hard for this group. (They started shopping at Cracker Barrel in Elkhart, IN during lunch the first day out). Jim is having to be VERY creative in packing...we have 46 passengers, luggage for a month, and enough food to eat 5 meals a day for EVER!! The sun is shining today and we have entered Vermont - a small but very beautiful state. We will welcome our local guide after breakfast this morning and spend the day exploring...

We "played" my moose game yesterday and laughed so hard that Pat DeGuire cried until she almost wet her pants! Amazing the body parts grown adults put on a moose!

Well gotta go! More later....