Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This week we have been busy getting our March edition of the newsletter ready for print. For those of you that receive it via email....Thursday, Feb 16th is the day, so check your inbox. Those who are keeping their mail carriers busy, check your mail box around the 23rd.

Lots of new things added and I look forward to a busy spring. Just to squash the rumors......I AM NOT COMING OFF THE ROAD COMPLETELY! Gloria is the one that is semi retiring not me - I have a LONG way to go. We have hired a new girl, Brenda Kunkel to help me out with the trips and I know you will love her - we do!

So yes, you will be stuck with me quite a bit in 2012 and also blessed with Brenda. We have several tours that overlap and both Shirley Theis and Barb Hilbert have retired (again) from taking out our one day trips so I definitely needed the help. This will allow me to be more flexible with scheduling and get out there on an occasional one day and casino trip.

Well back to work and be sure to read your newsletter thoroughly.....

Yours in travel,


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